Local Mushroom Production

We are Jamaica's largest mushroom producers.

Jamaica Exotic Mushrooms produce a variety of tropical mushrooms. 

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Leaders in Local Tropical Mushroom Production

The  Association of Mushroom Producers are Jamaica's leaders in producing local strains of edible tree mushrooms.. Contact email:mushroomsjamaica@gmail.com


How can I buy Jamaica Exotic Mushrooms 

Answer: Retail orders of one pound or more are delivered by Knutsford Express across Jamaica.  Orders must be received by 5:00PM  for next day delivery. Payments can be made online or directly to a bank account.  

Can I buy a grow bag to produce my own mushrooms at home?

Answer: There are opportunities at marketing events when limited amounts of grow bags are available for sale, but these are the exceptions. AMP  is a commercial producers organization that

with a mandate to sell to only members.

Can I sell my mushrooms to the AMP?

 Answer: No. Mushrooms sold by AMP have been tested for taste and texture, grown in ideal conditions and harvested and packaged according to Public Health Food Handling Standards. All mushrooms sold by AMP under the brand Jamaica Exotic Mushrooms are grown from special spawn on a special formulated substrate that includes bamboo leaves, lemongrass and supplements and are made by Compass Farms. 



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