Association of Mushroom Producers Limited

What is AMP


The Association of Mushroom Producers 

The Association of Mushroom Producers Limited (AMP) is a leader in the  development and expansion of Jamaica's emerging mushroom industry. AMP is a national trade association representing the spawn producers; grow bag producers, growers, processors, distributors, scientists, allied industries, and other stakeholders of cultivated mushrooms in Jamaica.  AMP has established governance systems and operating principles that strengthen their position as leaders in the industry.  

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The Main Purposes of AMP are to:

Set and monitor standards for mushroom production, harvesting and packaging for member farmers; Develop and implement organization brand marketing plan;  Identify and support the development of new mushrooms strains, knowledge transfer, capacity building and new cultivation methods and substrate  formulas; Anticipate and respond to issues affecting mushroom production, processing and marketing; Monitor and influence legislative and regulatory issues;  Support, analyze and disseminate relevant information such as research, statistics, and innovations in technology;  Develop best practices and training in food safety, integrated pest management and worker safety;  Provide a communications network for all industry partners.      

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