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Mushroom is Our Passion

Mushroom is what we know, do, and love. There is always something new that can be discovered about cultures, spawns, substrate materials, strains of tropical mushrooms, creating the best growing conditions, and mushroom nutritional value. 


Starting With the Substrate

Jamaica Exotic Mushrooms grows on a special substrate of bamboo, lemongrass, bamboo charcoal, bamboo vinegar. 

Eating Our Way to Good Health

Learning about edible mushrooms and including them in your regular meal plan is a good way deal with life style diseases that are on is the rise across Jamaica. High blood sugar, high blood pressure,  obesity, are just some of the conditions that can be cured with diet.  Oyster mushrooms are super foods that should be added to every daily menu. It only take a few minutes to learn how to grow mushrooms when you use our prepared grow-bags. 



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